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A Food for Thought

It is a common assumption, that the Constitution is the source that Americans must depend on, in government. However, the Declaration of Independence is what we should look at seriously as the source of Americans' rights and expectations.

Do we realize that, after the Revolution, this country was stolen by the land-rich and wealthy elite, to prevent the vision of the Declaration from inspiring people to construct and fashion our society with a Government that would organize our cooperation to satisfy our unalienable Rights to be safe and happy as a nation.

The Declaration did not say or infer that unalienable Rights would be available IF a person purchased them with money, or IF a person obtained them by selling their labor for a price, or IF government granted those Rights. As stated in the second paragraph of the Declaration, only "their Creator" gives each person those unalienable Rights.

The Declaration says, "...among which are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." Let?s ask ourselves: Is the Declaration's vision of unalienable Rights from our Creator true? Are there other unalienable Rights ? besides Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness? The words "among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" suggests there are other Rights. Why weren't they identified?

Might it be that the writers of the Declaration realized that other Rights would be identified and understood as this Declaration-based society would continue. Through the ingenuity and effort of future citizens, as the population would grow and technology and complex relations between citizens would emerge, appropriate solutions in the could best be found by people in the future.

The truth and meaning of the words of the Declaration were not intended to be curtailed or shaped by the Constitution. The Constitution did not exist at that time and did not provide for equality with fellow humans or citizens. Only white male, property owners could vote.

What can we do to establish a country designed by the Declaration?

Each American needs to understand that the foundation of this country was originally to be based on the Declaration of Independence. Next, we will need to understand that it means we have a common Birthright. If people of our generation learn to understand what that fact means, we will need to consider if we can achieve that by altering the present government.

For over two hundred years, the Constitution-based government in America has failed to secure the unalienable Rights for each person. Despite the thousands of laws and judgments and investment of taxes, and a multitude of wars, we now face the most dangerous future in the history of the world.

The corruption by money has now made it impossible for the people to control their government. Money buys who gets elected, what laws are passed, who has the power to determine what goods and services will be produced and distributed by whom to whom, what the American empire will do next, and who controls the money. Because those who control money now control America, to correct the situation, we will need to focus on money - what it does, what it can do, what it should not do, and why it does what it does. Those questions need true answers.

The vital step is to arrange for the Congress and the President to abolish the Constitutional provision, which enabled the prvately-owned and operated Federal Reserve Bank to organize and control the functions of our society by printing money. After that is done, a Government "by the consent of the governed" must be formed by fair election to organizes appropriate processes that will support the Birthright of every person to the opportunities to personally attain their unalienable Rights.

And always thereafter, as it should be now, if the people see that their form of Government fails to appropriately help citizens attain their unalienable Rights, the People have a duty "to alter or abolish" it and, in its place, institute new Government that will serve their safety and happiness.

It's all there, in the Declaration of Independence. A young woman or man could start today the whole process of thinking how to best do that.

Unalienable Rights; always remember - the Creator did not assign banks and money, a president or congress or court to determine if the people have attained their unalienable Rights. These Rights are "self-evident" to everyone. That is what the Declaration told the entire world.

These Rights are understandable because these Rights seek to satisfy needs.

Who can understand the needs in each of us? Does it probably start with each of us? We know most of what goes on in ourselves. If we need help to develop as a human being, doesn?t the "Declaration" state that it is a role for Government to play and help us satisfy our needs at each level of our existence? And to do that, Government needs us to help it satisfy our needs.

Does that stimulate and stir more questions? Each of us may be the person to articulate this and stir our confused fellow Americans to learn what they should expect and do, at this time of imminent crisis for all of us, as a nation.